At Froothie, we guarantee your satisfaction by offering a 30-day money back gaurantee, for our quality appliances*. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with their experience and purchase.

We encourage customers to prepare the product and test our quality appliances within your own home or commercial environment. This 30-day trial demonstrates our confidence in the entire Optimum line of quality appliances.

If you purchase a quality appliance, but find it does not meet your expectations within 30 days of purchase, you can contact us and we will provide the return details. (The customer is liable for the return postage)

Froothie will provide a refund of the full purchase amount to you in 5-10 business days once the unit has been received. The return process is simple and easy.


To return your appliance simply contact us here or via email at support@froothie.eu or via phone:

Austria: 0720815237
Belgium: 078481030
France: 0975186842
Germany: 021519639015
Italy: 0694801731
Netherlands: 085 - 888 0396
Romania: 031-6301738
Sweden: 0108848195
Switzerland: 0615000365


If you received a FREE gift when purchasing an item, it has to be returned as well to qualify for a refund. 


Then the terms and conditions:

  1. Froothie provides its products to any customer participating in this offer through the below terms and conditions:
  2. This offer applies to new customers only and is available on the first purchase of an appliance. Offer does not transfer to product changes or upgrades post-sale. 
  3. All original packaging, including brown shipping carton must be retained to be eligible for this complete offer (i.e. as the product arrived on your doorstep it must be returned to us for 100% refund).
  4. Froothie will not provide additional packaging for lost or damaged original packaging, if original packaging has been discarded customer must supply adequate packaging to safely return the appliance.
  5. Any product returned without original packaging can still be accepted however postage costs to and from customer cannot be refunded, only the product purchase price (no shipping) cost less the return cost of 19 will be refunded.
  6. The product should be reasonably clean and free of any scuffs or marks. Cosmetic changes, such as discolouration (Grinding specific herbs and spices in the jug will result in cosmetic marring of the jug shell and may cause the blades to wear prematurely) or the effects of the use of abrasives or cleaners or food build-up means that the affected part has to be replaced and the amount will therefore have to be deducted from the refund.

  7. There should be no damage present to the machine, internal or external.
  8. On return the appliance must operate in the same manner as intended and not have been opened and/or modified in any way from its original specification unless notified previously.
  9. Any machine that is customer-damaged cannot be accepted and will not be refunded.
  10. Any product returned in unsuitable condition will incur costs of 19 freight to be returned to the customer, this is payable before the product is returned and no refund will be given.
  11. Any appliance returned under this guarantee should be returned, in full, with no missing parts.
  12. Appliances returned with missing parts or accessories (e.g. a blender returned without a tamper or lid) will have the part replaced with a brand new one and the full retail value of the item as indicated on the Froothie Website(s) deducted from the refund amount.
  13. Froothie cannot accept any missing parts returned separately if they have been forgotten, regardless of whether or not the customer offers to pay the postage for the missing part returns are only processed once receipted and cannot be revisited.
  14. Collection by courier is unable to be arranged from customer’s location; if customers require this service it will be entirely at their own cost using their own provider.
  15. This guarantee is not transferable beyond the exceptions listed.
  16. By taking up Froothie`s offer and purchasing a product covered by this guarantee the customer automatically agrees to their rights and obligations if desiring to claim under this guarantee.